Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Nog or not to Nog

For years, I considered Egg Nog the vilest of all holiday traditions. This thick, sticky, super-sweet liquid that smelled faintly of nutmeg and rum and left a pasty film on anything it touched. Personally, I could have left the nog out of the holiday without a second glance. Well, this weekend Vince picked up some Egg Nog at Trader Joe's, and I have to say I was absolutely converted! My interest was peaked when I saw my nieces and nephew greedily gobbling up the nog with Christmas cookies on Sunday night. If they liked it, then it couldn't be that bad. So I cautiously poured myself a half cup and took a sip. It was a revelation! This Egg Nog was delicious, creamy but still light, sweet but not overly so. It was like drinking in the season in a cup. The blockade against the nog is over. Let it pour, let it pour, let it pour!!!

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