Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Miracle Mile in Coral Gables is not known for budget dining, yet tucked between the bridal boutiques, jewelry stores, and fine salons even a hungry student can find a tasty meal for a few beans. Bonsai, formerly Thai Orchid, now serves both Japanese and Thai dishes. A crisp green salad topped with one of the better ginger dressings I've tasted comes in at $2. Appetizers run from $4-$10 dollars and main courses are in the teens. There are a few extravagant dishes (lobster roll for $35), but most come under $20. The tuna tatatki, thinly sliced pairs nicely with the ponzu sauce and the carrot and cabbage garnish add a crunch. Each roll arrived beautifully plated and sliced in over ten pieces. The award for the best roll of the night goes to the salmon tempura roll; Sushi chefs roll fresh salmon, cream cheese, and cucumbers in nori and rice then dip the entire roll into a light tempura batter and deep fry the entire thing before slicing and plating. Bonsai offers low prices because it doubles as a lounge upstairs. The modern Asian decor creates a casual, yet refined atmosphere that accents and enhances the cuisine.

Extras: Excellent service

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