Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Mixx at Nexxt

So I have taken to doing a little research on my blog subjects, just to see what the competition is saying and to check my own judgement. The reviews for Nexxt were illuminating and quite revealing, first though, my experience. I hit up Nexxt for a late Saturday lunch with my mom and mini-me after a long day of shopping in Midtown. The service was a little slow as the waiters seemed to be involved in a complex choreography that requires them to bus tables, deliver food, and take orders in all areas of the restaurant. This was okay as we were a little shell-shocked from bargain hunting with the wholesale shoppers and the menu is incredibly extensive, about 15 pages of fine print. We finally decided on Kobe beef chili dogs for starters, stacked chicken tortillas for mom, a walnut-pear salad for me, and double cheeseburger with fries for Sof (she loves her burgers). The Kobe chili dogs stood out a head above the rest, but the entire meal was delicious. My salad was huge and filled with fruits and veggies and dressed with a lovely light viniagrette. Sofi's burger was juicy and tasty, but what isn't when it comes with cheddar and bacon. Mami's stacked tortilla's lacked a bit of flavor, but the portion was huge and the bonus came with a sweet corn tamale seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg. Delicious! The verdict: Nexxt is like a Cheesecake Factory, except the food actually tastes good!

Our next Nexxt visit, left quite a bit to be desired! This time, we went for dinner and took dad as well. Talk about a disaster! The restaurant was loud and crowded the camarero choreography was totally off and worst of all Dad's salad, some Italian concoction with a silly name, was atrocious! Dad works really hard so him getting a disappointing meal is especially upseting. I ordered fish tacos and Mami had chicken marsala and mashed potatos. Both were pretty good, but I felt like I was back at the Cheesecake Factory.

Not surprisingly, the blogosphere also offered mixed reviews, what surprised me was the vehemence of some! There are some unhappy Nexxt customers out there. At the top of the haters list, Tere from the Coral Gables blog. Tere's blog is great, comprehensive and fun and offers a great forum for people to talk about her posts. Her readers both loved and hated Nexxt, but most had mixed reviews. Other sites, Citysearch, etc. had more of the same. My advice is to give Nexxt a try, but go for lunch stick to the appetizers, pizza, and bar-food dishes. These are sure to please at affordable prices, but skip the fancy stuff and don't necessarily trust your waiter's judgement.

Happy Eatings

P.S. Definitely try the Kobe dogs!

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