Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cape Cod Postcard

Hey all... went to Cape Cod for the Fourth of July! Beautiful area. The Cape is casual and even though we stayed in Hyannisport unpretentious. Ate seafood galore, oysters, clams, scallops, and of course...Lobster.

Took the Island Queen ferry out of Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard and rode bikes to South Beach and through Edgarton. Lovely little town of shops, candy stores, and restaurants. Had our first Lobster Roll at Newes from America.

Perfectly cooked lobster with just the right amount of mayo, a hint of lemon and some capers.

Vince ordered a rack of beers to taste the local brews.

Here is a picture of the Bridge seen in Jaws which was actually filmed in Martha's Vineyard. The water lets out of the ponds on the island to the sea which makes jumping in much more pleasant.

Back on the mainland for the Fourth. This was our favorite lobster roll from the Raw Bar in Hyannisport. Just look at that huge claw crowning the top of a that pound of lobster. It dwarfs the bun! Had my first oysters here as well. The trick is to swallow them down and enjoy the briny aftertaste.

Can't forget...Ice cream from the Four Seas (3rd oldest ice cream shop in New England)...creamy, custardy goodness...watching fireworks from the beach...swimming in an icy cold Atlantic...and hanging out with friends new and old.

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