Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oysters at Old Ebbitt Grill

Here's a shot of our oyster dinner, or what's left of it, at Old Ebbitt. We had pacific something or others and they were absolutely delicious. As you know, I recently got over my oyster-squeamishness, and I just can't get enough of them now. At Old Ebbitt, they have so many types of oysters that they give you a little description of each on a menu, kind of like a wine list. Well, I thought an oyster, was an oyster, was an oyster, but when we got our batch, I was surprised to see that the description was right on: smooth and sweet with a mild briny finish. It makes me want to go back and order one oyster of each so I can taste the difference!

On an aesthetic note, aren't the oyster shells beautiful? I love their irregular shapes and pearly insides with pewter accents. No wonder Edouard Manet used them in his still lifes! Plus, then he got to eat them!


CARMEN said...

Always artistic!

jenuflections said...

i was the same way: squeamish at first and then loved them. i had some really fabulous oysters when i was in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

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