Friday, September 4, 2009

Peaches Three Ways

There is nothing like walking in the shade of the orchard with the heady smell of peaches all around you. The fruit hangs off of the branches tantalizingly within reach and just begging to be taken home and baked into a cobbler. But first you will have to grab one and take a bite, then you realize that there is nothing better than a ripe, sun-warmed peach eaten in the middle of the orchard. Of course, when you are intoxicated by this delicious taste, you will over-fill your bucket with peaches, realizing a few days later that you have a lot of peach eating to do!

Case in point, we had some that were about to go and some bananas to match so I threw them together in the Williams-Sonoma banana bread recipe I made a while back with chocolate chips. The banana peach bread came out great, just the right amount of sweetness from the bananas balanced by the tartness of the peaches.

We also tried making a peach cobbler, but this didn't turn out quite as well. Turns out that when you use fresh peaches instead of canned in heavy syrup, you need to add a lot of sugar to get it right. Using bisquick, as a short-cut was probably a travesty on these Battleview gems. Oh well, live and learn. We can't wait until next year when these babies are back in season.

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