Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jose Andres "Made in Spain"

While we were flipping through the channels this Saturday night, Vin and I came across chef Jose Andres' PBS series "Made in Spain." Having just eaten at Jaleo that night, we had to see the man behind the food we loved so much.

"Made in Spain" is a hilarious, delightful, and delicious look at la cocina espanola (the spanish kitchen). Jose is so exuberant and enthusiastic about food that its hard not to smile the entire time. In this episode, Jose talked about a drunken goat cheese from the region of Murcia that Vince had ordered on our first trip to Jaleo. It was neat to see how the food gets prepared and even more interesting after you have already ordered it! (My dad has also bought this wine-cured cheese from Murcia in Miami, good taste, Dad!).

We also loved Jose's unique turns of phrase and charming accent. One of our greatest aspirations at home is to make "A truly astonishing dish!" Hopefully, the tips and recipes on Jose's "Made in Spain" website will make that possible:

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