Monday, June 7, 2010

From the land of Wool and Honey

This weekend I finally made it to the Dupont Circle Farmer's market. It's vast and fantastic and reminded me of the Campo d' Fiori in Italy (more on that later) only more organized. I was drawn to one of the white tents that was hung with multi-colored skeins of soft, folded wool. The colors were so warm and inviting, ironic that this was still enticing on a 90+ degree day. Through the wool, I saw a golden flash and knew that I had found what I was looking for: Locally grown honey! Finally!

I had a chance to buy some local honey last year, and this spring the allergies weren't so bad. I had read somewhere that eating local honey can immunize you to a certain degree to the seasonal pollen in the air, and so far so good, except that I was almost out! Luckily, Solitude Farms makes honey along with their wool (probably not something you should mix together) out in Round Hill, VA. The taste is light and fresh with just a little hint of the comb to spice it up. If all goes well, we can have another allergy free year!

Solitude Farms:

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