Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Dinner

So, I know Easter was Sunday, but we are still munching on leftovers from our first official holiday entertaining ever. There were some ups and downs in the execution, but all in all it went really well and we had a great time. Coming from Cuban and Italian backgrounds, Vince and I made too much food, had too many appetizers, and had too much fun!

First, here's a pic of the appetizers. Starting from the back: wheel o' cocktail shrimp, plate of white and wheat crackers, cheeseboard with grapes (brie, blue, sharp chedder, truffled awesome cheese from Trader Joe's), plates and easter napkins, and empty sangria set just waiting to be filled with my dad's delicious chardonnay-peach sangria. Boy, do I wish I had gotten a shot of that! Picture a bright yellow peach slice floating in an amber liquid. Delish!

Now on to dinner. Our dining room is cozy (read tiny) and we decided to move out into the living room and add an extra table to accomodate both guests and food. The mismatched tables looked almost seamless when covered with a yellow tablecloth courtesy of Martica (Martha Stewart). Now, starting from the back again: Emily's delicious yeast rolls, seafood pasta with Vin's homemade red sauce, brussel sprouts with bacon, a ham (of course!), asparagus-artichoke pasta salad, the recycled sangria pitcher now serving as a water pitcher(!), and a huge tomato and romaine salad. How many people did we have for Easter dinner do you ask? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? Drumroll, please...Seven!

Oh and did I mention dessert? We had a Peep display of easter candy and a yummy semi-homemade guava cream cheese cake washed down with Cuban coffee.


JCreinhardt said...

Sounds like my family...I'm usually full after the appetizers. Does that stop us from eating two more courses? No!

Jaimy and Bret said...

Oh, wow. I hope you have the recipe for that sangria because it sounds delicious! (As do all of the non-liquid Easter accompaniments :)) Sounds perfect for a spring or early summer evening out on the porch, i.e. when we finally get around to having you and Vince over for dinner. SOON!