Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend Eats

Vin and I had a ball Easter weekend with my parents and sis here in DC. It was our first time hosting a holiday with all its attendant triumphs and mishaps (more of the former than the latter, thankfully), but more about that later. We had great homemade food and restaurant food all week. That's one of the great things about having people visit, you have an excuse to dine out at your favorite places. We started the weekend of right with a visit to El Pollo Rico. There always-awesome chicken was especially good that night and the steak fries were crispy and fresh. We also noticed that EPR (nickname courtesy of Ieatdc at chompchomp) had desserts. I love Latin style desserts heavy on the dulce de leche so the trays of milojas and alfajores were too good to pass up. That's the miloja in the foreground, literally miloja stands for mil hojas, a thousand leaves, as in the flaky philo dough layers that sandwich the gooey dulce de leche. The miloja was sweet, but a little dry, I would recommend the alfajor, a shortbread cookie sandwich with dulce de leche in between.
Thursday we cooked homestyle Texas chili, post to come later. Friday, Good Friday, we still managed to squeeze in a meal at Annapolis' Middleton Tavern a few blocks away from the Naval Academy. Steamed mussels, warm goat cheese spread, oysters, and crab balls...ummm ,ummm, ummm. It's good to be Catholic in Annapolis! Saturday we ordered in from Lebanese Taverna and filled up on humus, tabbouleh, kibeh, their eggplant/tomato/pepper dish, and some excellent spinach and cheese pastries.

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