Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tasting Girly Beers...Yuck!

Thursday was Shecky's Girls Night Out in DC, a fun, silly, girly event that is the equivalent of the Home Show or the Boat Show for girls. DC food, beverage, clothing and accessories purveyors set up shop at the DAR for the two day event. I attended with my friend Kellie from Miami and not only did we get to sample fabulous products, but we managed to snag a seat at the Budweiser beer and food tasting. First of all, let me remind you of the crowd...girly, girly girls... of which I am occasionally one. Second, these beers were directed at that crowd. We were treated to a tasting of four beers: 1. BudLight Raspberry paired with (you guessed it) raspberries, quite terrrible; 2. BudLight Lime paired with Key lime pie, guaranteed hangover; 3. Shock Top Belgian white paired with a ball of goat cheese, finally some sophistication, and 4. A pre-made bottled Chelada (beer and bloody Mary mix) with chips and salsa, no comment. Luckily, I can say my beer tastes have expanded beyond that. There are much better ways of combining fruit and beer, but most times it goes awry. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the Chelada, I have it on good authority (Kellie's!) that when made properly a Chelada is a delicious cure for a hangover, but the canned variety is not my favorite. All in all, the event was fun and we got a commemorative Chelada cup out of it!

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