Saturday, March 27, 2010

Babyweight, Inc.: A little sisterly PR

Hey there, everyone! Yesterday was a cold, wet, dreary day. Thank goodness it was Friday! Today I got a boost from the sun and from my sister's awesome blog. My sister, Luly, is an amazing woman. She has a doctorate in physical therapy, two kids, and is starting her own business to help women get back in shape post-baby. The name and the logo say it all: BABYWEIGHT: Use it to lose it. It's all about bonding with your baby and using that cute little munchkin to get your body back in shape. She has the practical experience plus the clinical know-how that makes her blog a must read for anyone struggling with some post-partum pounds. I know there are some mommas-to-be who read this blog, and you should definitely check out hers for fitness tips and stress management. She is coming up with a couple of products that will be awesome for the post-natal crowd! Plus, she has lots of posts that even non-mommys can relate to, like trying to get into a pair of skinny jeans or running through puddles.

Check out her website:

Or her blog:

She also has some really cute pics of her kids!!! They are just delicious!

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J. Reinhardt said...

What a great idea. You guys are so talented. Your parents must be proud :)