Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Blog discovered!

Hey everyone, I had a little break today to troll the internet and explore some new blogs and I found one I love!

Cara's Cravings

I found it while reading the comments here. Cara has some really great healthy spins on foods you already love. Plus she's not afraid to use big flavors and try something new, like these spicy thai fishcakes or crock-pot Mongolian beef. She also has great recipes for Jewish favorites, which would also be a great addition to any Easter dinner!

Enjoy the sun, Arlingtonians, Marylanders, and Districters!


iEatDC said...

Yay, I <3 Cara's Cravings. Some of our weekly staples (and entertaining staples) come from her, including cilantro turkey burgers. Delicious and really easy, my favorite combo.

Arroz con Mango said...

Oooh that sounds really good!