Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coming soon!

These pictures are long overdue on the blog. I actually took them while I was down in Miami for Blizzard 2010 part II. When I got back, there was sooooo much snow around I felt bad posting pics of vine ripening tomatos and juicy strawberries. It just seemed wrong, but now that the sun and the 70s have returned it seems perfect for a preview. These lovely tomatos and strawberries are growing at Knaus Berry Farm in the Redlands. The farm is run by snow-bird Mennonites, who are the highlight of many a South Florida celebration with their excellent sticky buns, fresh produce and outstanding strawberry shakes.

How could the shakes not be awesome with berries like this growing in their back yard?

This little tomato was just too cute to resist!


J. Reinhardt said...

Those strawberries look great - I would love to try growing some here, but I heard they can be fickle.

Arroz con Mango said...

That they can my friend. Although I think you might have better luck in a container.