Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aprihop at Dogfish Head Alehouse

Last night, we celebrated the launch of Dogfish Head Alehouse's Aprihop beer with our friends Rob and Emily and with Chris. For those of you who haven't been, Dogfish Head Alehouse in Falls Church (they have one in Gaithersburg as well) offers great casual dining and an excellent selection of unique brews that you won't find in many other restaurants of the same caliber. We tasted the Aprihop beer for the novelty (and the free glass), and I found it to be a great date beer. There was a hint of apricot to keep it sweet for her, but enough hops to make it manly for the gentleman. The food tasted great and was delivered promptly at the proper temperature. I ordered the Greek salad to start and shared a pizza, Cajun-Alfredo with Vince. The greens were crisp and not overdressed and the pizza exploded with flavor. I am now on a quest to find andouille sausage to cook with in my own kitchen. Service was smooth and the only drawback I can see to coming here with a large party is the "one check per table" rule. While this is certainly an advantage to the dining establishment, it can make things complicated at the end of the meal, especially when there are so many excellent beers to sample. My advice, bring cash and follow this simple formula recently expounded by my friend : "When the check comes-- PLEASE be sure to account for Everything that you ATE + DRANK + TAX + TIP."

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JCreinhardt said...

This is hysterical now that I know who your "friend" is. We missed you last night. I'm happy to report that his email worked out just fine! Somehow, being direct made everyone just deal with the complicated check!