Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Update: Final Four Wildcats and Philly Hoagies!

Penns' Quarter Tavern erupted with emotion as Scottie Reynolds drove down the court to shoot and make the most important lay-up of his life. After seeing the fortunes of the Villanova Wildcats teeter on the brink of disaster for the duration of the game, the collected alumni shouted for joy, slapped hands with strangers, hugged significant others and made plans to celebrate victory Philly-style at Taylor Gourmet. Once again, Chris and Erica clued us in to what's hip and delicious in the H-street corridor. Founded by two Philadelphia natives and hoagie lovers, Taylor Gourmet specializes in Italian style hoagies that are big on flavor and feature their founders Philly pride. Their bread is shipped in daily from Sarcone's Bakery in Philadelphia and loaded up with tasty ingredients like homemade meatballs, breaded or grilled chicken cutlets, pesto, aged provolone, and fresh arugula. Each sandwich and dish is named for a Philadelphia street or landmark, which prompted nostalgic musings and munching. Taylor Gourmet also serves up a slightly different beverage experience with Boylan's Fountain Soda, made with cane sugar rather than corn syrup. The cane sugar adds a different, more refreshing flavor to pop favorites like orange, cola, and root beer. The sandwich shop delivers in many neighborhoods throughout the district and also has an Italian specialty market in the back.

Ambiance note : The sleek, urban, yet casual style of Taylor Gourmet really reminded me of restaurants in Miami. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the samba-style music playing in the background? I'm not sure. Their website attributes the design to a collaboration with grupo 07 so if anyone knows who they are please let me know. The design is fantastic. I'll post pics on our next visit.

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