Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A new spin on Mom's cooking

When we think of "mom's cooking" many of us hearken back to the comfort foods we had as children for some this might be creamy gooey mac n' cheese, meatloaf, or, in my case, rice and beans. But just because these favorites have a special place in our stomachs and hearts doesn't mean that moms can't spread their own culinary wings and try new favorites. For example, this past weekend my mom made a dish I had never her make before in a culinary tradition that isn't ours by heritage. Embellishing on a recipe found in Real Simple magazine, she cooked up some thai-chili shrimp and fried shitake mushrooms served on a bed of white rice and watercress. This was a quick and savory meal that balanced sweetness, savoriness, bitterness, and acidity while still looking beautiful on the plate.

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