Monday, March 9, 2009

First Picnic 2009

This weekend was a glorious weekend in DC. Warm weather for the first time this year, sunshine at least on Sunday afternoon, and time to relax and enjoy with my favorite people. My sister Ana came to visit and that gave us an even greater incentive to get out and see the monuments and visit Great Falls National park. On a regular day, the teeming crowds would have made me crazy, but this weekend they added to the euphoria as everyone broke free from the cage of winter weather. Even cloudy skies and a little mugginess on Sunday afternoon couldn't dampen our spirits. Saturday we celebrated a peak at spring with a visit to the Eastern Market, hopping with vendors, and a picnic of pulled pork sandwiches on the mall. At night we topped it off with an impromptu barbecue at Chris's house and a fire just to savor the warm air a little longer. One of the unexpected surprises came as we were crossing the Potomac River on 395 with the windows down; up from the southwest waterfront, wafted the incredible smell of crabs and old bay seasoning a taste of the bounty coming in the next months.

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