Thursday, May 14, 2009

Food for thought

I was surfing the web today a bit as my substitute students worked on their classwork and I came across these two stories on MSN.

Does Home-Cooked Mean Healthy? by Karen Collins M.S., R.D, C.D.N. - Collins reviews findings that suggest that cookbook recipes have drastically increased portion sizes, fat content and salt grams as compared to those of yesteryear, raising the title question. It seems that its not just restaurants that tend to over-size portions. However, this next article is a great guide for making your everyday homecooking a little healthier.

Inside a Healthy Pantry by Lisa Drayer R.D. - This is a really great list of staples to have on hand for making healthy meals and snacks anytime. Just looking at the list makes me hungry!

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JCreinhardt said...

There's a website somewhere where someone lists the fat and calorie content of a portion of a Rachael Ray recipe. It's gross.