Friday, May 1, 2009

What came first the chicken or the ravioli?

Last week, I had a Rachel Ray inspired idea -- stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto. Sure that sounds like the title of a recipe, but the fact of the matter is, I am often too lazy to print out a recipe and follow it straight through. So stuffed chicken breasts it was: ricotta, frozen spinach, a little grated parmesano reggiano, all of RR's usual suspects. Wrap in prosciutto, sear (on both sides), pop in the oven for 20 minutes, then in the micro for 3 more to ease the irrational Cuban fear of juicy chicken (there is still liquid in it, it's raw! You are going to get salmonella and die!) The result, a surprisingly tasty dinner, and a bowl full of left over filling. Not following a recipe often leads to extra ingredients, or too few, however if you read the Easter post, you know that's not likely in this house! After debating our options-- lasagna, more stuffed breasts, the garbage, eating it straight from the bowl-- we settled on ravioli. Semolina flour having been a recent impulse buy, it would be homemade ravioli. Vince channeled his Italian ancestors and I drew on childhood memories and voila! Homemade ravioli. Granted, our techinque needs some tweaking, but if this keeps up we may just have to open up a fusion restaurant specializing in the cuisine of Southern Italy and Northern Cuba. Below is a photo montage of our adventures in Ravioli! Buon Apetito!

The Ingredients: Olive oil, salt, eggs, semolina, water (not pictured)

The Wet and the Dry

OMG! What is the matter with your hands!!!!

Now that's more like it!
Time out.
The rolling...
Ta Dah! The finished product. Abstract ravioli in different sizes and shapes.

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