Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Postcard: Greensboro, N.C.

I got this postcard idea from a few blogs, here and here. I think its awesome, and in the spirit of the snail mail on which real postcards travel here is our Greensboro, N.C. postcard just a little bit late.

Dear cyber friends,

Went to Greensboro to see Boss and the E-Street band. Concert was a blast. Waiting in line for a chance at the pit was totally worth it. Noshed on dogs and veggie burgers in the parking lot. Ate way too many doritos.

Snagged brunch/lunch on Sunday at Natty Greenes', a brewhouse restaurant owned and operated by a group of former frat brothers. A Greensboro original. This place brews its own beers and serves up quite an eclectic menu. Don't try any dish that sounds like it could be found in NYC, stick to the barbecue! Delish.

Meandered home, 5 hour drive expanded to 8 hour wander. Totally worth it. Learned a few things. North Carolina is great for BBQ, not so great for wine. Tried 13 wines at IronGate Winery. Bought 0. Quote of the day: Wine tasting lady (read with a Southern drawl), "This is our dessert wine. It has 100% blackberry flavoring. The owner's sister calls this adult Kool-aid with a kick." Vince (under his breath), "This tastes like Dimetapp." Chris invented the Frito-Dorito sandwich. 100% chips.

Had a blast. Steensboro Rocks!

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