Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Real New Jersey

New Jersey usually gets a bad rap in the media. New Jersey, home of the mobsters, the landfills, the whiny housewives, the big hair. While all of this may in part be true, there is another side to Jersey that Vince and I love. It's the Jersey of good food, good music, boardwalk games and quirky ways to have fun. It's been awhile since our last Jersey trip (4 months to be precise) and we decided to do everything!

First and foremost, a trip to The Shore! Although it wasn't quite warm enough it was fantastic to be on the beach and smell the salt air. We gorged ourselves on salt water taffy and zeppolis, then burned it off with several rounds of skee ball and some mini-golf. (Vince hit up the real course with his dad that morning and has the farmer's tan to prove it!)

We followed this up with a trip to Freehold, home of the Boss and Federici's pizza, the best thin crust pie this side of the Mississippi if you ask me! The crust is thin and crunchy, but holds up to the meatiest of toppings (not pictured below)

Monday, Memorial day, we decided to beat the traffic by not leaving the Garden State until after dinner time. This left plenty of time to hit the track and place some bets on the ponies. We made some bets and won some cash then spent it immediately on ice cream at Jersey Freeze!

They do a decent peak on their cones, but I couldn't wait long enough to take the picture.

On our way home, we stopped at a local orchard to pick up some strawberries, but came home with some locally grown Jersey wine instead. (longer post on this forthcoming)

Throw that in with selling some stuff at the local flea market, shopping at the outlet stores with my mother-in-law, attending a bbq with the neighbors, and partying with a bunch of girls at a wedding shower (Vince drank beer and played whiffle ball with the men outside, but mostly drank beer), and an impromptu drive-thru Great Adventure and you have an action-packed weekend in Jersey.

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