Monday, June 15, 2009

Jamaica Postcard 2

New Kingston is primarily a business district, so there wasn't much in the way of dinner, but lunch was spectacular. For about 350 Jamaican you could get a large serving of rice and peas with stewed or jerked chicken that could double as dinner.

Yard Vybz, the tiny kitchen and counter place pictured below, also served amazing fresh squeezed juices. Lara and I had a beet juice with ginger that was incredibly fresh and delicious, and really really bright pink in color.

Another great place for lunch was the restaurant at the Courtleigh Hotel. We had some fantastic tandoori chicken and lamb chops. Unfortunately, the veggies left something to be desired. Eggplant must not be a traditional JA staple because it hadn't been soaked and the bitterness made it and the carrots it touched inedible. However, the Courtleigh made a fantastic Jamaican breakfast, so good in fact, that it merited its own post as JA postcard 3.

We also went out for Chinese, hoping to find a place that would fuse Asian and Caribbean flavors. Instead, our cabbie insisted on Jade Garden, which was ok. But quite frankly, the fish tank was more spectacular than the food.

On a side note, we unexpectedly happened upon a Jamaican Costco on our first night and stocked up on Red Stripe in bulk. There was nothing better after a day of intellectual stimulation than sitting poolside with a frosty one and watching the sun set through the palm trees.

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