Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A taste of España in the 305

I love having the tilde function at my parents' desktop computer. Just press the Alt key down while you type in 164 on the number pad and voila ~ you have an ñ. En-ye. A funky Spanish letter that doesn't exist in any other language to my knowledge. The ñ was a huge part of my life for a very long time, but has since departed following a marital name change. Once the bane of my existence, ñ became a part of my life and identity. Why haven't you seen ñ on my blog before? Well, laptops lack a number pad and trying to type an ñ is sometimes more difficult than uploading pictures. Perhaps now that I have one on the blog, I can just copy and paste from the this post. That would be glorious! Espana could once more be España, name could be ñame, and pina colada can be piña colada. All this preamble is just to say that I'm leaving Miami today and having a farewell lunch with familia at Delicias de España, our favorite Spanish specialty store and restaurant. They also deliver so extraordinary tapas are never more than a click a way:

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Christine Valdes-Lora said...

As your ñ leaves you, I will soon acquire it come December 26! I will need to learn the code on the laptop. Love this post! Miss you