Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tapas and Treasures

One more Miami post for you all! This one is close to my heart. My great-aunt Hilda passed away a few years ago, but she has not been forgotten. A music teacher and choral leader, she was also the archivist and historian of the family. She saved newspaper clippings, photos, curios, and best of all, pictures of our family. While I was home, my RC cousins and I got together to sift through a few boxes full of memories and try to figure out who the heck all these people were. (Props to Andy and my dad for recognizing the most!) To fortify ourselves for the walk down memory land, we had some tapas from Delicias and a delicious chocolate chocolate chip poundcake by Lucila. Those of you who live in the Greater Miami area are sooooo lucky! You can pick one of these up at your local Publix or Milam's stores. Those of us who are far away will just have to fantasize about them and hope that some one wants to send us one by mail! (hint, hint!) If you have an archivist, scrap-booker, or memory saver in your family, I encourage you to talk to them now! I'm sure Hilda could have told us great stories about her life and our family history. Even though she couldn't be with us, her presence was definitely felt, and she brought us all together, helping us make more memories.

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