Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello from Jamaica!

I made it to Jamaica. This country is beautiful! Much more hilly than I expected. The food is fantastic. At the hotel restaurant, we had leisurely service, a deliciously spicy pumkin and chicken soup, and brown stewed fish with veggies and rice and peas (Jamaican red beans and rice with a hint of coconut flavor).
For dinner, we got a tip from our driver who escorted us to Ziggy's, a very local restaurant with inexpensive and tasty food. Curry goat, fried fish and chicken and lots and lots of rice and peas. Wash it down with a Red Stripe and you have a great culinary day in Jamaica.

P.S. The weather is delightful, even if it is a bit hot and humid!

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Melissa said...

Be sure to post pics when you get back!