Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two Punch Meal

Hey there! It's been a fun andbusy week in Capital City-landia, but I just had to share two awesome meals. They stack up so if you are also going to be having a busy week this is just the thing. Plus, it will feed you and yours for 2 nights. The first is my mom's slow cooker pork loin with garlic, oregano, and lime juice. Pork loin is on sale frequently at the markets and you get two pieces of loin per package so it's a really good deal. First, you set your slow cooker to high and depending on the size of the loin set it to cook for 3-8 hours. Then, you dry the pork loin (remove the silver skin if you like), then salt it generously and sear it in a hot pan with a lil bit of veggie oil. After it is seared transfer it to the slow cooker and add the juice of a lime and a quarter cup of white cooking wine. Mince up about 7 cloves of garlic and spread them on each of the loins in the slow cooker, sprinkle each with some dried oregano, add a bay leaf, and ignore until the timer dings. You can serve this with any side dish: rice, beans, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, squash.

Now, if you have leftovers, and when you are cooking for two you will, just pop them in the fridge until you need another quick fix dinner. This one is even easier than the first. Buy a loaf of Cuban bread or French, if you are in non-Cuban area, something long and soft-ish. Then chop up the remaining pork and sautee it with some onions and oil in a frying pan until the onions are translucent and the pork is warmed through. Split the bread down the middle and stuff with the pork mixture. Voila a quick and easy pan con lechon (bread and roasted pork sandwich) Plate and enjoy! This really needs no side dish, but if you must, I recommend an arugula salad or something crunchy.


sassy sports said...

hey carmen i just set up a blog and want you to check it out hope you like it please give me tips thank you and answer your phone!!!

maria said...

mmmm... another pork loin recipe. i'll have to try it when i get my slow cooker back. i have a good one too, i'll post it one of these days.

-love, your far away cousin (i'm in seattle now)